Olympic Week and Days in Albania 2017

19 Qershor, 2017

The March-April-May 2017 period marked the development of the “Olympic Education in the school” project, while it has been organized Olympic Week and Olympic Day 2017 in the primary and secondary schools throughout Albania. The Olympic Week was organized in 13 Regional Education Directorates, respectively in 312 schools, while the Olympic Day 2017 was organized in 20 cities with participation of 250 schools an more than 5000 students. Approximately  9.000 pupils and 1300 teachers were active in the development of Olympic Values activities including popular games and various sports competitions organized on different themes of the days during Olympic Week as : respect , fail play, gender equality, inclusion, respect environments ect.


All this work was greeted with gratitude by the Albanian National Olympic Committee, organizing on 13-06-2017 a Thank-you Ceremony with the 2017 Olympic Day partners who contributed to the realization of sports activities all over the country for several weeks in a row. In this ceremony were present representatives of the Ministry of Education and Sports, heads of the Regional Educational Directorates ( R.E.D)  and Educational Offices in the country, organizers / working group and Physical Education teachers as well as representatives of the Sports Federations.

President of the Albanian NOC, Viron Bezhani evaluated the sporting events and claimed that this is the 3rd year of the enlarging of the project “Olympic Education in School” and  Eda Caushi – Project Coordinator emphasized as the starting point of the project the importance of the agreement between Albanian NOC and Ministry of Education and Sports on the implementation of the Olympic Education project in the school, as part of school curricula.

Albanian NOC gave for each partner the symbol of the Olympic Day “Albania 2017” while launching the new project for next year “Olympic Torch Relay” from north to south Albania:13 regions-13 Olympic Weeks.


Dita Olimpike
Albania 2017




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